Medical coordinator

How to become a healthcare coordinator

What do you do as a hospital coordinator? What kind of coordination do you have?

You’re most wanted you to do it! you will soon be hospital coordinator today ​ Hospital Coordinator to be me! I thought we were going to do from now do is something? medical coordinator.

Hospital kodinei about the job once had the time to see!

The hospital, etc. You know, hospital coordinator of managing the health care experts. – and creates an image of the hospital.

​ a socioeconomic lubricant that help smooth communication between clinicians and patient will usually take the role!
The hospital’s image is a pleasant smile with a coordinator at the hospital, that it from! Don’t forget!

What the hospital coordinator does

The first reception. (medical coordinator)

Hospital coordinators should be able to brighten the atmosphere of the hospital with a bright and positive mind as medical service professionals such as reservation, reception, and receipt. If we provide differentiated services than anyone else, patients can use the hospital comfortably, right?

The second consultation.

​In addition, hospital coordinator is comfortable and should give confidence to our customers. If we communicate with customers with a friendly smile so that they can receive the care they want without difficulty, we can provide medical services without difficulty, right?

Third! Service 

Really, really important service! This is the most important point that can be emphasized 100 times. Greeting, seeing off, checking the convenience of various customers, and always checking and checking with kindness and careful observation to see if the inside of the hospital is not clean, or if there is any inconvenience to the customer!

4th! Marketing (what does a medical staff coordinator do)

Hospital coordinators are also involved in planning and management in hospital management. Customer care, such as phone calls and text messages, is really important
Our hospital is here! The more you promote it, the better it is!

5th! Manager (what is a medical coordinator)

The fifth task that Medipia Academy always emphasizes! The hospital coordinator should have a sense of ownership in his or her hospital! Hospital coordinators need to be able to control the overall flow of their hospitals to grow even more!

6th! Clinic assistant

The hospital coordinator is flexible in handling situations, careful observation and analysis
You need to stay alert and help the medical staff at the hospital where the medical service is provided.

A strong sense of professionalism and professionalism! Everyone! Did you solve your curiosity?

Medipia Academy

Medipia Academy, which is linked to education and employment! I brought this with the topic that students are always curious about. If you have any more questions,
If you have any, please knock on the door of the open Medipia Academy!

The Medipia Academy is waiting for you to become a hospital coordinator!

About the hospital coordinator

강남안마 Medical Coordinator Association

Today, I will talk about the job of hospital coordinator.

A hospital coordinator is an expert in service at a hospital and is also called a medical coordinator, a hospital service coordinator, or a hospital service manager.

In advanced medical countries, this job has long been common, and many hospitals have hospital coordinators, but it was by “오피스타” in 1994 that hospital coordinators were introduced in Korea.

Since then, the opening of the medical market and the chain of hospitals have intensified competition among hospitals
The need for hospital coordinators is growing as the concept of customer-centered service spreads throughout the medical community.

Hospital management is facing a crisis due to the domestic economic recession, and in order to strengthen its competitiveness,
More and more hospitals have hospital coordinators around plastic surgery, dermatology, oriental medicine hospitals, dentistry, and obesity clinics.

Many experts say that the division of medicine in 2001 will accelerate competition between hospitals and the introduction of differentiation strategies in hospital management will continue to increase demand for them.

– Medical Coordinator –

At first, it began as “Reception East,” and as hospitals have become specialized and large in recent years, it has been subdivided into medical coordinators, reception coordinators, counseling coordinators, and marketing coordinators.

Depending on the department of treatment, it is divided into plastic surgery coordinators, dermatology coordinators, and dental coordinators, and medical tourism coordinators and interpretation coordinators are also increasing due to the recent activation of medical tourism.

– Plastic Surgery Coordinator –

Depending on the department or position, the work you do is slightly different
Overall, the hospital coordinator’s job is
Overall patient care, including customer consultation, reception, storage and appointment management;
It is in charge of planning, service management, and improvement to meet patients’ medical service needs

– Dermatological Coordinator –

As a medical service professional, it brightens the atmosphere of the hospital and provides differentiated services
Promote the image of the hospital so that the patient can visit the hospital comfortably
In addition, I am in charge of hospital marketing and employee training.

– Dental Coordinator –

There are no specific qualifications required to become a hospital coordinator
I work at a hospital, but I’m not a medical worker
You don’t necessarily have to major in the Department of Health and Medical Services

– Medical Tourism (Translation) Coordinator –

Compared to other occupational groups, there are no educational, age, or career restrictions
It’s one of the advantages of hospital coordinator.

– Hospital Coordinator Academy –

Provided, That in order to prepare for employment and turnover, it is recommended to complete the relevant education and obtain a certificate
Many people who support hospital coordinators did not major in health care
Hospitals also prefer people who have completed related education and obtained certificates.

– Hospital Coordinator Training –

These hospital coordinators don’t have a retirement age, so if you’re good at self-management and have the ability,
One of the advantages is that you can work until a late age,

If you get promoted to the chief of counseling, you have a chance to get a high salary
Based on this experience in the hospital, hospital managers, medical consultants, professional instructors, etc
The opportunity to enter your field is also an advantage of the hospital coordinator.

* Contact Training and Qualification *

Hospital Coordinator Certificate

Today, I will tell you about the hospital coordinator license.

Hospital coordinator, also called a medical coordinator, hospital service coordinator, or hospital service manager as a professional in charge of services in hospitals and clinics, has long been mentioned as a promising new profession.

​For that reason, many people hope to become hospital coordinators, and although there are currently many hospitals and clinics, the number of people who support hospital coordinators has also increased, so finding a job as a hospital coordinator is not easy.

As a result, many people are making efforts to increase their competitiveness, and now obtaining a certificate is not an option but a necessity and has become a very basic task.

– Hospital Coordinator Test –

The basic qualification to take the hospital coordinator qualification test is to complete the relevant education without any restrictions on major or experience, but since the cost of education is not high, many people these days are hoping to take the hospital coordinator education with government subsidy.

– Hospital Coordinator Academy –

In line with the needs of these students, the Korea Medical Coordinators Association is operating its own educational expense support course, which reduces the effort and time required to receive government subsidies due to the burden of education expenses.
This is a special course operated with the purpose of helping you to focus more on preparing for employment and job change.

In the case of the hospital coordinator certification exam schedule, regular exams are conducted periodically by the association.

– Hospital Coordinator Qualification Test –

In the case of self-education operated by the Korea Medical Coordinator Association, professors who specialize in related fields give lectures directly, and you can take the exam comfortably at the place where you were educated sooner rather than later. Those who do have a relatively high pass rate for the qualification exam.

– Hospital Coordinator Certification Test –

In addition, the Korea Medical Coordinators Association was selected as a hospital coordinator certificate issuance institution by the Korea Vocational Competency Development Institute of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Its credibility is guaranteed by things.

– Hospital Coordinator Certificate –

In addition, most of the certifications issued by associations have an expiration date and must be renewed periodically, and additional costs are often incurred. As we judge that our knowledge and abilities will increase, we do not have a separate validity period or renewal.

medical coordinator
medical coordinator job
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Telemedicine, go through us! “Remote medical coordinator.”

In the field, what we’re doing in real life is coming online and mobile. Delivery did, banking did.

So what’s the next thing that’s

Healthcare officials now want to be able to do real-life care online. So telemedicine.

There is a job that is essential for this telemedicine. I’m the telemedicine coordinator. What kind of job is this? Let’s look into it together.

Remote care is coming up!

When the untact society arrived due to COVID-19, the medical community said that the era of telemedicine is finally coming. Telemedicine refers to “all activities that use technology that can communicate in both directions to deliver necessary medical information and medical services to people who want treatment and counseling regardless of distance.”

Since COVID-19 is an infectious disease, he also argued that telemedicine is necessary to protect medical staff.

In the United States, telemedicine services between medical institutions began in the late 1950s, and in the 1960s, NASA used telemedicine to manage astronauts’ health. Currently, the United States is actively promoting home monitoring service policies for the elderly and low-income families. In particular, as of 2014, one in six US treatments has already been reported remotely.

In Japan, telemedicine has been allowed since 1997. At that time, it was a limited service for residents of remote islands and mountainous remote areas with poor medical access. However, since the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, the number of medical underprivileged areas without doctors has increased due to radioactive contamination, and telemedicine between doctors and patients was allowed in August 2016.

Since China introduced telemedicine for medical reform in 2009, it has also operated various services such as telemedicine and advice, electronic prescription issuance, and drug purchase since 2014. Patients can receive medical treatment through various IT devices and medical equipment such as mobile without having to fall in love with the hospital.

Korea also provided telemedicine services to about 6,000 people from 2014 to 2016, and the data obtained from them is laying the foundation for the spread of telemedicine.

What the remote care coordinator does

In addition to doctors and patients, there are people who are essential for telemedicine. It is a stepping stone and telemedicine coordinator that connects patients and doctors.

The coordinator identifies and connects which doctor is suitable for the patient, and provides medical information (such as past medical records) to the doctor to help the doctor make the appropriate diagnosis.

In the case of visiting medical treatment, when you go to a university hospital, if you ask the receptionist, “Where are you sick?” and talk about the symptoms, they will select a medical department that fits the symptoms.

On the other hand, in the case of telemedicine, when a telemedicine service applied by a patient through telecommunication is received, the telemedicine coordinator conducts initial consultations for treatment.

The telemedicine consultation is conducted by identifying personal medical information such as the reason, symptoms, and medical history for telemedicine, preparing a basic report, and determining whether a doctor’s treatment is necessary or able to be able to respond.

Suggest an appropriate response to future treatment outcomes. Depending on the patient’s opinion, connect a doctor for consultation with a specialist, a follow-up medical service, or provide the patient with the necessary information and provide detailed explanations or training on countermeasures.

It also helps patients manage their health efficiently and ultimately saves patients’ medical expenses and time.

Remote care coordinator as the person concerned.

Unexpectedly, telemedicine coordinator in Korea is a job that started in 1988.

Officials say telemedicine coordinators are not just jobs that connect doctors to patients. Doctors need to be fully aware of the patient’s health before they meet, and the people who make this possible are telemedicine coordinators. Therefore, for this, basic medical knowledge such as pharmacy, pathology, and anatomy is essential.

In addition, it is characterized by remote treatment, so knowledge of information and communication technology must be accompanied. First of all, you should be free to handle video services and related devices, and these days, when the ICT field is developed, you should know some about security because personal biometric data is sensitive information.

If you want to become a telemedicine coordinator, it is recommended to major in nursing, food nutrition, exercise physiology, and pharmacology related to the medical field because there are currently no departments related to telemedicine in Korea. I also recommend studying counseling because counseling takes up a large part of your work.

If you go to graduate school or enter society, it is advantageous to obtain a clinical or professional nurse certificate to understand the hospital’s system.

Telemedicine officials are currently mainly implemented in Korea, mainly for patients with chronic diseases, but over time, they hope to expand it to the entire population like Japan.

Medical Coordinator Artificial Intelligence Convergence

Ministry of Health and Welfare Medical Coordinator Artificial Intelligence Convergence Talent Nurturing Project Team

The Ministry of Health and Welfare announced on the 26th that the Korean Medical Coordinator Artificial Intelligence Convergence Talent Nurturing Project Group (hereinafter referred to as the Project Group) was selected.

The ‘Medical Coordinator AI Convergence Talent Cultivation Project’ is a medical AI field between the medical school (medicine)-technical college (information and communication technology/AI)-hospital as part of the collaboration between the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Ministry of Education. (Field/Data). It is a project that supports all undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs through the operation of department convergence programs.

The five selected project groups are Pusan ​​National University, Seoul National University, Sungkyunkwan University, Ajou University, and Hallym University. These business groups will promote student support and curriculum from July, and from the second semester of this year (September), they will open and operate ‘Medical Artificial Intelligence’ undergraduate and graduate detailed major courses for students in various majors such as medicine and engineering. plan.

Artificial Intelligence Convergence Talent Nurturing Project Team, Medical Coordinator, Ministry of Health and Welfare

Pusan ​​National University develops customized curriculum for each major through collaboration with the College of Medicine (College of Medicine, College of Nursing, Graduate School of Dentistry, Graduate School of Oriental Medicine) and College of Information and Biotechnology and conducts practical research projects with partner companies. Through mutual exchanges with students and company managers, we plan to select talents that meet the needs of the company, operate projects, and nurture them.

Medical Coordinator Artificial Intelligence Convergence -이미지

Seoul National University builds an educational R&D network between the College of Medicine and the College of Engineering, and holds a medical artificial intelligence contest (once a year) to develop solutions to various clinical problems through exchanges and collaborations with clinical experts and data scientists. It is a forum for mutual exchange between students, researchers, developers, professors, and industry officials (once a year), and plans to foster convergence talents with convergence, cooperation, challenge, and practical capabilities.

Sungkyunkwan University specializes in undergraduate compulsory courses consisting of three tracks (Common, Artificial Intelligence-based Future Medical Specialist, Future Medical Artificial Intelligence Specialist). In order to continuously manage exchanges between participating companies, a dyna with more than 10 years of experience is designated and a system for nurturing excellent talents is established.

Healthcare Coordinator Office(오피) Career Professional Training

Ajou University supports classes that develop problem-solving skills for 15 weeks (more than 8 hours a week) through 1:1~3:1 matching with mentor professors through the newly established medical AI practice course, and cooperates with medical centers and companies, and provides subject system We plan to nurture talents with practical experience in research and design through such programs as ct development for industry-university research projects, internship programs, and medical AI contests.

Based on the existing medical data construction environment operated by Hallym University for medical artificial intelligence (AI) and big data development, construction of a field-oriented practical education system (participation in hospital-based R&D R&D, corporate internship, etc.) did. We plan to nurture talents specialized in data convergence.

“The convergence of medical coordinators equipped with big data and artificial intelligence is accelerating around the world, and domestic bio-health companies are also investing in R&D to introduce AI technology,” said Bang-bak, head of the Health and Medical Data Promotion Division at the Ministry of Health and Welfare. said “Securing experts in both fields of artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence is emerging as the most important task,” he said.

Medical Coordinator