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Hello, this time we will learn about the international medical tourism coordinator certificate. The survival strategy of hospitals in the age of knowledge and information in the 21st century depends on patient satisfaction through differentiated medical services, creation of customer value, and securing loyal customers. Hospital coordinators are medical service professionals who play the role of forming and managing hospital images, ranging from the most basic reception tasks that medical institutions can provide for patients to patient management, counseling, follow-up tasks (reception, storage) and hospital promotion (marketing). These hospital coordinator certificate courses are mainly acquired by people who perform basic tasks for patients at medical institutions, who play an important role as a medium between patients and medical staff, patient management, follow-up management, hospital assistance, and hospital promotion.

When obtaining a certificate, he/she acts as a medical institution worker and service coordinator (who plays an important role in connecting medical treatment before and after consultation and overall cost consultation), planning coordinator (market research on changes in the medical market), and medical tourism coordinator (design for foreign patients). As a condition for issuing a certificate, it is not difficult to obtain more than 60 points on average based on 100 points, and the period of obtaining a certificate is about one month. Details of the certificate can be found at the Pass-Up Remote Lifelong Education Center.

Learn about international medical tourism coordinator certificates, qualifications, test schedules, acceptance rates, notes, and practical information

Information on international medical tourism coordinator certificate

  1. Basic information
    (1) Qualification classification: National technical qualification
    (2) Implementation Agency: Korea Industrial Manpower Corporation
    (3) Qualification for application: Limited
    (4) Home page:
  2. Qualification information
    (1) International Medical Tourism Coordinator
    ① The term “International Medical Tourism Coordinator” means a person who has obtained the qualification after passing the International Medical Tourism Coordinator Examination conducted by the Industrial Manpower Corporation.
    ② The international medical tourism coordinator is responsible for developing Korea’s global healthcare industry and improving external competitiveness by supporting specific medical services to attract and manage foreign patients, tourism marketing, medical tourism counseling, risk management, and administration.

(2) Qualification Features
① In May 2009, the medical law was revised to allow foreign patients from abroad to attract domestic hospitals. Until now, it had trained coordinators specializing in medical tourism through private qualification tests, but in 2011, international medical tourism coordinators in the medical tourism field were newly established as qualification items under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. The qualification examination has been in place since 2013.
② Due to the revision of the National Technical Qualification Act (January 21, 2015), non-related department items among the existing qualification items were deleted (Appendix 11-4 of Article 5, Paragraph 3, Enforcement Rules of the National Technical Qualification Act).
③ In the case of practical experience as an international medical tourism coordinator, the experience in the tourism field is limited to tourism guides, convention planning, tourism product attraction and development, and travel agency counselors. Career in the medical field is also defined as hospital coordinator work, medical personnel (doctors, dentists, oriental doctors, midwives, nurses), and supporting medical personnel.

  1. Test information
    (1) Qualification for examination (Appended Table 11-4 of Article 5 (3) of the Enforcement Rules of the National Technical Qualification Act)
    Any of the following persons who meet the requirements for accredited language proficiency standards:

(2) Standard Requirements for Accredited Language Proficiency
① English

② Japanese

③ Chinese

④ Other foreign languages

(3) Subjects and methods of examination

(4) Acceptance criteria

(5) Current status of the test

(6) 2022 Test Schedule

  1. Utilization Information
    (1) Employment: With the revision of the Medical Law, domestic hospitals will be able to attract foreign patients, and the demand for medical tourism coordinators is expected to continue to increase as the medical tourism business is also being activated.
  2. Certificate relationship chart

-Tourist interpreter: In the case of a tour interpreter, the work of a tour interpreter is similar to that of an international medical tourism coordinator and is qualified to apply for this certificate, so it is advantageous to expand the scope of work.

  • Convention agency: Convention agency is advantageous in expanding its scope of work because its work is somewhat similar to that of international medical tourism coordinator and is qualified to apply for this license.

-Health educators: Health educators are not directly related to international medical tourism coordinators, but they are eligible to apply for this certificate, so it is advantageous to expand their work area.

  • Nursing Assistant: A person who is not from the department of health care or tourism, but is recognized as a person engaged in practice in the field of health care or tourism, so he/she can challenge the international medical tourism coordinator depending on the period of practice.