Medical Malpractice

A medical associate, or medical coordinator, is a health care worker who brakes bang into action when there is a need for maximum care and assistance to patients who are in hospital. He thinks out-line the activities that need to be done. He makes sure that these activities are carefully and thoroughly executed. He is responsible for providing the right conditions, equipment and resources for the patients who are under treatment. He is a master of the administrative aspect of the hospital and he employs the technology and resources to get the work done. A medical associate is responsible for bringing together the diverse activities that make up the clinic. He sponsors and encourages the use of technology for the attainment of various objectives. He is responsible for the function and organization of the hospital. He coordinates and tries to achieve the harmony of the hospital. Thus, he is a person who has an extensive knowledge of the clinic work, but is not a doctor. He depends a lot on the physician for the correct diagnosis of the patients. And usually has to evaluate diagnostic or therapeutic changes proposed by the physician, afford specific suggestions and prescriptions for the patient to follow and arrange frequent communication with the patient. Such a medical coordinator not only handles the admission of patients in the hospital but also keeps track of their records and operations. He Studies the medical records andelligence and comes up with recommendations for diagnosis and treatment of illness. If a medical associate has specialized in a particular field of medical science or medicine, then he/she may have to do some additional tasks such as managing the office accounts, ordering supplies, billing etc. Such additional tasks may also include bookkeeping, editing records, and examining and evaluating the patient’s medical records. Such department is basically concerned with the medical aspect of the office work. The medical administrator is responsible for the financial and administrative matters of the clinic. He handles the medical insurance of the patients as well as the medical records of the patients. Any question regarding the patients’ medical records has to be referred by the medical administrator to a specialist. The administrator is the one who makes the patient’s file managed in the hospital or clinic. He ensures that the file is properly and successfully stored so that it can be accessible when needed. He meet with the patients and discuss with them the various aspects of their diagnosis. This meeting makes the medical assistant analyze the patients’ medical files and communications with the patients. He is responsible for organizing various types of materials such as medical and diagnostic records, correspondence and lab reports. He prepares forms to be used for billing the patients for their medical service or hospital care. The medical administration must make sure that all the records are accurate and also Gram positive. He ensures that the patients are getting the correct diagnosis from their doctors. The medical administrator is also responsible for the medical record of patients which he stores at the computers. He prepares various reports and documents from the various lab tests, interviews, laboratory tests, physical examinations etc. He ensure that all the tests are falsified at least for the patients, and he makes sure that the doctors are periodically getting well acquainted with their patients and listen to them at least once in a while. He is the one who constantly tells the patients and doctors about the treatment and observations they make about the patients. Thus he is responsible for a large number of things. The medical administrator should be a person who is highly responsible. He should also be a person who can effectively communicate with the patients and doctors without any kind of burden. He should be precise, concise, to the point and he should be able to do distinction among them without any kind of gesture. Some Aside For consideration • The medical administrator operates and administer the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures under the supervision of a licensed physician.• He determines the treatment and conducts the activities of the nursing and assistance system.• He is responsible for organizing the medical records of patients. He ensures that these records are accurate and up-to-date.• He is required to analyze the adverse effects of any treatment method, before proceeding further. After analyzing such effects, he should then submit them to the licensed physician, who is the surgeon.• Also, the medical administrator is responsible for planning the work schedule of the physician and the nursing staff. Also, the tasks performed by the medical administrator are: • He is responsible for planning the patient’s treatment and following up after the completion of the treatment.• Additionally, he is taught about the usage of medical tools and medical supplies.• He ensures that the correct dosage is administered to the patients correctly.• Additionally, he checks and monitors the progress of the treatment of patients and also makes sure that treatment is proceed smoothly.• Handling the SMSAs part of the schedule of the medical administration, a medical administrator is responsible position is important. It is to assure that the daily running of the office is going on smoothly. There is very cautious and there is proper documentations made regarding the usage of medicines and stocks.