Hospital coordinator’s work

Hospital coordinator’s work and hospital coordinator’s license

We usually visit the hospital
The first person you meet
“Hospital coordinator.”

the coordinator
‘Hospital coordinator’ who treats Korean patients and
serving foreign patients
It can be divided into ‘medical tourism coordinator’.

Today, from what the ‘hospital coordinator’ does
Hospital coordinator license, up to prospect
Let’s find out together.

What is a hospital coordinator?

Creating a working atmosphere in the medical field
to provide differentiated services,
To improve the image of the hospital
It is a job in public relations and marketing.

Q. What are the duties of a hospital coordinator?
to patients visiting the hospital
From confirmation of purpose of visit and reception of treatment
After treatment, a description of the treatment and
Points to note, guide prescriptions, make medical appointments,
until storage
This is what hospital coordinators do.

in charge of foreign patients
Medical tourism coordinator
To attract and manage foreign patients
Tourism support, medical service support,
Medical tourism consultation, administrative work, etc.
In charge of interpreting foreign patients
Treatment, post-treatment prescription, treatment process, etc.
will explain.

In addition, if surgery is required
From hospitalization procedures, discharge procedures, and post-discharge status management
helping with everything
This is what medical tourism coordinators do.
In addition, suitable for foreign patients
Medical and tourism services are also being developed.

Related certifications

1) Hospital coordinator
It is a certificate issued by a private association and evaluates the skills required after employment as a hospital coordinator through training courses such as medical service characteristics, customer management, coordinator practice, understanding of dissatisfied customers, and understanding medical service marketing.

2) International Medical Tourism Coordinator

International medical tourism coordinators can be applied to those who have graduated or are expected to graduate from universities in the health and medical and tourism fields, and those who have worked in the tourism field for more than two years after graduating from a two-year system in a related field. It is divided into written and practical exams, and the written exam consists of ‘Health and Medical Tourism Administration’, ‘Health and Medical Service Support Management’, ‘Health and Medical Tourism Marketing’, ‘Understanding Medical Terminology/Diseases’, and ‘Tourism Service Support Management’. There is ‘Practical Health and Medical Tourism Practical’.

job prospects

According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare statistics
The number of domestic hospitals/clinics has increased in recent years.
It is a steadily increasing trend.

With high quality medical services and skills, word of mouth
for surgery and examination
The proportion of foreign patients visiting Korea
It’s increasing every year.

As domestic hospital competition intensifies,
Active marketing and high-level service
being emphasized
The demand for hospital coordinators in charge of counseling and publicity
is bound to increase.

In addition, ‘medical tourism’ was selected as a new growth engine business.
The prospects for medical tourism are also bright.

To summarize, the increase in the number of domestic hospitals and clinics,
Expanding the importance of providing customer service,
As people’s interest in health and beauty increases,
What is the job of a hospital coordinator?
It seems that there will be a steady demand as it is now.

Q. Is it true that experience is more important than qualifications for hospital coordinators? Is it possible to obtain a license and become a freshman?
Hospital coordinator license is a private qualification
Anyone graduating from high school can apply.
Nowadays, the hospital coordinator license holder
It is a preferential trend.

However, coordinator work
Working in a ‘hospital’
Some medical knowledge, such as medical terminology, is also required.
Service training required for customer service is also required.
I prefer someone with relevant experience.

When applying as a freshman, only new recruits are accepted
It’s good to support.

From pre-visit consultation
From hospital visit to follow-up care
Most of the hospitals
doing business
What does a hospital coordinator do?
I learned about the hospital coordinator’s license.