a sensual massage that enhances sexual appeal

a sensual massage that enhances sexual appeal

sensual massage

Humans feel joy and pleasure when their needs are satisfied. My face brightens up and my heart warms up. In that case, the body actually warms up and the color improves. However, if you fail to do so, you will fall into anxiety and pain. As a result, the whole body becomes rigid, the senses become dull, and the emotions become dull. Therefore, when looking at couples with conflicts, they have a dull sexual sense, have no affection for each other, and are awkward and uncomfortable.

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No matter how much we understand each other, it is difficult to develop an uncomfortable relationship into an intimate one if we cannot feel joy and joy ourselves. Furthermore, because the body is cold and rigid, it does not work well to create physical intimacy. In this case, sensual massages make each other’s relationships intimate by releasing rigid bodies. When you receive a massage, your dark face brightens and your cold body warms up. Of course, the blood circulation is good, so I feel refreshed. Furthermore, through this process, if your sexual sense wakes up and you can accept the stimulation of your partner, you can increase your sexual attractiveness.

We have instinctively pursued pleasure, love, and comfort since we were young. As a child, my mother’s soft touch made us comfortable and helped us realize that we were truly worthy of being loved. In addition, I could feel the joy and joy of skin contact. It is to have fun by exchanging sensuous and lovely hands with each other in that mood.

However, there is no point in simply accepting contact and caress like when we get a massage at a massage shop. Although you may feel comfortable, it does little to enhance your sexual appeal.

Through sensual massage, you should naturally reach the point where you can fully express and enjoy your sexual interest. The act of love is a sacred ritual that makes a true human being human. And every human being wants it. As soon as we acknowledge that we have a lovely body, we can build sexual confidence and trust in each other, so that the love between the two can grow more solidly.

Sensual massage allows you to naturally learn how to feel pleasure apart from sexual activity itself. This is because it allows our bodies to know everything they want to express. You can have a conversation without talking to each other. Massage is a silent conversation. You can feel emotions and love through your hands. So it promotes the exchange between the two. If you have expressed dissatisfaction so far, now have a lovely body conversation.

The person who massages should try to awaken the other person’s senses with an infinite hug. Breathing and posture should be soft and relaxed. Now move your hands gently and mellowly and massage them along the other person’s body shape and flexion. Touch the smooth and elastic body of the skin to make it respond to pleasure. Close your eyes and embrace the idea that your partner’s body is beautiful and the best. And as if dealing with something very precious, I massage with all my heart with care.

The person receiving the massage closes his eyes slowly and feels the touch whenever his partner touches it. Some people say that with a light and bright feeling, a thrilling feeling is transmitted to the skin whenever the fingertips touch. You shouldn’t be distracted at this time. You can only follow with a comfortable mind with a moving touch on your body. If your body wiggles without realizing it due to strange stimuli, expressing it freely is also a way to give off sexual attraction. If there is a groan, don’t hold back and be honest. You only have to enjoy it by responding to the stimulus it gives you.

a sensual massage

① Before starting the massage, take off your clothes completely and sit face to face and look at the other person’s face. Breathe in and out comfortably to relax the face, shoulders, and muscles of the body. When your body is relaxed to some extent, hold your partner’s hand. At this time, put the left hand down, the right hand up, and the middle finger in the center of the partner’s palm. Now close your eyes and communicate with each other comfortably.

② Let the person who will receive the massage lie face down. The place where you receive the massage should not be uncomfortable. It’s good to have a bed or a blanket on the floor. Then rub your palms to warm them up, and then massage them along your spine starting with your shoulder. Spread both palms out and massage several times up and down. Massage gently and flexibly as if touching the surface of the water by alternately crossing your hands with your fingers open. It is also good to use oil at this time.

③ Some people react sensitively when massaging their hips. Make a V-shape between the thumb and index finger and push up the thick part of the hip. Then rub your butt lightly and turn it around and rub it. Massage both hips alternately, but it is recommended to repeat it several times.

④ Put one leg between the other’s legs and kneel down. Gently rub the top of the thigh. Massage while moving smoothly from the inside of the thigh to the shins and hips. Rubbing the back of the knee can make you feel great joy enough to make a groan.

⑤ Lift the right leg up and bend it, then fix it between both knees and hold it with your left hand. In that state, rub the crotch and shin with your right hand while moving it up and down. The left leg is massaged in the same way. Then, while sitting on your knees, hold your partner’s right foot with your left hand and place it on your groin. In that state, turn the soles of your feet in a spiral manner with your right hand. Rub the soles of your feet and ankles thoroughly. When the right side is finished, massage the left side in the same way. This can develop sexual intercourse for the ankles and soles.

⑥ This time, sit with both legs apart. Make your partner sit comfortably between your open legs and lean lightly. Then gently massage the abdomen and breast with both hands. While sensibly massaging the abdomen with both hands, massage gently as if in a circle around the breast. It’s good to touch the nipple sometimes.

⑦ Next, you should try while looking at your partner’s reaction. If you are immersed in excitement, carefully come down and massage your vaginal muscles. Start around the groin with both hands and massage the clitoris gently. When excitement rises, the vaginal muscles are gently massaged. The tension should disappear while inducing deep breathing. If you want to massage for a longer time, lay your partner on the floor and then sit between your legs and massage your vaginal muscles for a few minutes.

Massage should be carried out with composure so that the other party can feel sufficient satisfaction. Sensual massage allows you to naturally learn the joy of your body, regardless of sex. That way, we will find that our inner instincts, spirit and soul can become one through the body. In the end, sexual attraction is enriched in a sense of trust of love, warmth, and mutual respect.

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