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Ministry of Health and Welfare Medical Coordinator Artificial Intelligence Convergence Talent Nurturing Project Team

The Ministry of Health and Welfare announced on the 26th that the Korean Medical Coordinator Artificial Intelligence Convergence Talent Nurturing Project Group (hereinafter referred to as the Project Group) was selected.

The ‘Medical Coordinator AI Convergence Talent Cultivation Project’ is a medical AI field between the medical school (medicine)-technical college (information and communication technology/AI)-hospital as part of the collaboration between the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Ministry of Education. (Field/Data). It is a project that supports all undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs through the operation of department convergence programs.

The five selected project groups are Pusan ​​National University, Seoul National University, Sungkyunkwan University, Ajou University, and Hallym University. These business groups will promote student support and curriculum from July, and from the second semester of this year (September), they will open and operate ‘Medical Artificial Intelligence’ undergraduate and graduate detailed major courses for students in various majors such as medicine and engineering. plan.

Artificial Intelligence Convergence Talent Nurturing Project Team, Medical Coordinator, Ministry of Health and Welfare

Pusan ​​National University develops customized curriculum for each major through collaboration with the College of Medicine (College of Medicine, College of Nursing, Graduate School of Dentistry, Graduate School of Oriental Medicine) and College of Information and Biotechnology and conducts practical research projects with partner companies. Through mutual exchanges with students and company managers, we plan to select talents that meet the needs of the company, operate projects, and nurture them.

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Seoul National University builds an educational R&D network between the College of Medicine and the College of Engineering, and holds a medical artificial intelligence contest (once a year) to develop solutions to various clinical problems through exchanges and collaborations with clinical experts and data scientists. It is a forum for mutual exchange between students, researchers, developers, professors, and industry officials (once a year), and plans to foster convergence talents with convergence, cooperation, challenge, and practical capabilities.

Sungkyunkwan University specializes in undergraduate compulsory courses consisting of three tracks (Common, Artificial Intelligence-based Future Medical Specialist, Future Medical Artificial Intelligence Specialist). In order to continuously manage exchanges between participating companies, a dyna with more than 10 years of experience is designated and a system for nurturing excellent talents is established.

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Ajou University supports classes that develop problem-solving skills for 15 weeks (more than 8 hours a week) through 1:1~3:1 matching with mentor professors through the newly established medical AI practice course, and cooperates with medical centers and companies, and provides subject system We plan to nurture talents with practical experience in research and design through such programs as ct development for industry-university research projects, internship programs, and medical AI contests.

Based on the existing medical data construction environment operated by Hallym University for medical artificial intelligence (AI) and big data development, construction of a field-oriented practical education system (participation in hospital-based R&D R&D, corporate internship, etc.) did. We plan to nurture talents specialized in data convergence.

“The convergence of medical coordinators equipped with big data and artificial intelligence is accelerating around the world, and domestic bio-health companies are also investing in R&D to introduce AI technology,” said Bang-bak, head of the Health and Medical Data Promotion Division at the Ministry of Health and Welfare. said “Securing experts in both fields of artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence is emerging as the most important task,” he said.

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